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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Admerix is ready (of course)

Just about every business of any type we deal with these days has been sending out self-congratulatory emails explaining how they have plans in place to deal with the pandemic.

Fortunately, our industry (localization) is very amenable to working from remote locations. Translation is an art, but also a service that is almost always done on computers these days. Thus, one would expect very little disruption in the service chain that provides localization services.

So instead of touting all the preparations every company says they have made (they all really had prepared for this beforehand? For a once in a lifetime event?), we at Admerix can say that we are grateful to be in this industry and for everything it has given us. We are thankful we can participate in an industry that facilitates understanding between cultures and between people.

And most of all thankful that all of our staff are (as of now) safe and sound.

Please stay safe. We will get through this.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

A little rant from the production department

We add value. We aren't an agency.

We are not trying to develop some magic on-line program to eliminate translators from translation...

Or come up with some online system so we can fire the project managers and get interns to do PM work...

Nor are we trying to merge with other companies.

We are professional managers and linguists managing important projects.

        - Just a little rant today from the project managers at Admerix. :)