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Monday, May 31, 2010

Admerix Case Study: Who is really working on your projects?

Assigning projects to a local middleman vs. sourcing directly

“Lowering the cost of translators has the greatest potential for increasing a company's margins and is an inevitable pressure for U.S.-based companies desiring cheaper and cheaper outsourcing as every penny saved goes directly to the bottom line."

The Situation/Problem

An ERP software company was working with a major localization firm in the U.S. to handle their projects. The U.S.-based localization company touts their leading role in the industry along with a workflow process system and translation memory tools.

However, the ERP software company soon realized their chosen company, despite their marketing assurances, was merely outsourcing to the cheapest overseas supplier. The software company had experienced endless communication hassles and problems getting quick updates and feedback across different time zones. Conference calls with the team doing their project is not possible since their chosen vendor wanted to maintain the illusion that they were doing the project.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Admerix Case Study: Localization best practices may not be right for every business

“It may not be the case that you have to redesign your processes around a single localization company's best practices advice or software system."

The Situation/Problem

A major manufacturer of electronics struggles with localization “best practices” as recommended by their localization vendor. Their products involve both hardware and software components in a continuous state of development and evolution with multiple models appearing every year.

Their translation company had invested heavily in an online system in an attempt to force individual projects into a factory like, repeatable process. This localization-centric process was wrecking havoc with their current workflow and actually adding extra work and delays instead of streamlining it.