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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Localization Pain Pyramid

The goal of getting sales in under any condition is creating a pain pyramid in localization companies:

It starts at sales expectations starting at the
CEO ("We need to increase sales!")
then down to...
Sales ("I have to met my sales targets or else!")
then down to...
Vendor Managers ("Who can I get to translate this and maintain these insane margins?")
then down to...
Project Managers
Who can only look at the projects and wonder "how in the world can we do this?”

The inevitable result is dissatisfied end clients (as well as angry salespeople). This dissatisfaction is because the promises sales made in the rush to secure the sales cannot be fulfilled.

Production people are expected to work all night under impossible deadlines, but even this level of commitment can't fulfill promises that are impossible in the first place.

This syndrome leads to project manager attrition (burnt-out PMs) that further impacts the expertise a company can bring to bear on a project.

The failure of this localization company model continues to benefit middle-sized companies who offer specialized resource and key project management skills BEFORE salespeople promise end-clients any crazy thing they want.

The lesson is-> if you don't have localization expertise and if this expertise is not being applied to new projects, then your clients will never be satisfied and won't return.