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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Must read: I am fed up

This is worth reading for anyone who blogs for a company -> I am fed up

When I write something for the blog here at Admerix, I always have "not self-serving" and "not a gripe about the industry" at the top of the page. :)

What anyone in the industry needs to be is a trusted consultant who can guide a client through the localization process. However, it is always a struggle to resist being self-serving and self-referential.

I am fed up

...I'm fed up. Nothing tastes real or genuine anymore, and the best of writers pieces are soulless. I yearn for a good piece, written in such way that it will touch me and speak to me.
Marketing has taken over the net and everywhere you turn there are blogs and forums and job platforms all with the same goal in mind. marketing and advertisement, content for the SEO, content for renewal, content, content content...words to fill, like in a garbage chute. Words just thrown out, splattered, to make  the 350 words mark...