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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

People or Systems? Which is more important in translation?

We know every translation project is a unique proposition. Working in Thai or Arabic? There's going to be issues with stacked tones and right-to-left character placement. How about when the boss walks through the office and changes the text in the project to be localized? The client issues last minute changes, or the documents are found not to be created in a standardized way - complications always arise due to the very nature of the work.

One school of thought contends that clients with localization projects want online systems and strict content creation standards. Another says that ISO bureaucracy is the answer.

Systems and standards are almost always used, although not to improve quality or ensure a successful project, but to increase margins. For instance, by getting a cheap and inexperienced linguist to translate a job and then have a competent linguist willing to work for an editing fee to "fix" it all. Another way is to use ISO standards to enable a localization company to hire an intern instead of a real PM to "manage" a project by slavishly following a series of steps--and of course companies call this "quality control!"

Truth is that systems and novices cannot achieve quality – only people can produce quality and it must be the right people on the job – people with the experience needed to solve problems and thereby generate client confidence. It is about the right linguist, the right editor, the right proofreader, and the right localization project manager applying their experience and proven processes to every aspect of your project.

Having a company with real people who know what's going on and can fix any problem is vital to everyone's peace of mind.

Admerix continues to invest in quality. This means industry experience. This means project managers and specialty linguists. This means real people solving your challenges.

Why not let us quote your last translation project for a rate comparison? Admerix is ready to back you up. Admerix will make every project a success.