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Friday, August 16, 2013

The demand for audio localization work

In the last few years, there has been a steep rise in demand for voiceover localization work. Primarily this has come about because of the huge cost benefits in using multimedia formats for training in educational fields.

However, conventional localization companies simply do not have the infrastructure or expertise to attempt audio projects. Just the size of some of these projects has been quite tempting though, and there have been numerous examples of "workaround" solutions being adopted in an effort to win the work.

Shortcuts involving linguistic resources recording work individually with nothing more than a PC and a microphone have been disastrous for several large vendors. To make sure budgets and schedules are adhered to, it is key to work with an experienced provider of localization audio services.

Admerix provides full studio audio services for all the Asian, Arabic, and European languages we are asked to localize. We also carry out full post-production processes including editing and compiling in various formats.

Admerix start-to-finish services include:
- Professional voice talents
- Purpose build audio studio facilities
- Language monitoring by second native linguist during the recording
- Linguistic quality assurance

- Editing of finished sound files
- File output to client required specifications and technical
quality assurance

In addition to the above, what we consider to be prerequisite services for a quality result, our project managers are here to deal with all the last minute changes and challenges that are a part of almost every audio localization project these days.

Why not give us a project to quote? Admerix is here to back you up and help you meet your sales goals this year.