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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Are you really getting it?

A lot of Asian-language vendors, agencies, or even "teams" are scams in one way or another.

Often you'll get a group of 2-3 linguists trying to branch out on their own, taking on any project regardless of their ability to really do the job (and they'll disappear when pressed on quality issues). Then there are the professors who make extra cash by posing as a linguist while their students are assigned to do the actual work. And finally there are the scam resumes and corporate profiles from people using online translation to produce any language combination--always with disastrous consequences.

So they come to us--Asian language specialists and industry veterans. We are professional project managers who know how to handle the challenges and budgets of large, complex multilingual projects.

When your boss introduces unexpected changes mid-course to your localization project, we are used to this and know how to balance these stresses on an ongoing project. Try that with the scam agencies and teams that will just stop answering their emails when pressed!

One of the main advantages of Admerix is that we have teams of linguists—
most of whom are subject specialists and only work with Admerix. We ensure that they are up to date with the latest tools and can professionally communicate and provide feedback during projects. With specialist Asian language work, our depth of talent ensures that the resources match the task at hand for high quality and a smooth and successful project.

So make sure you are getting what you want. Put the right resources and the right management on your localization project. Alex, Ian and I are here to back you up every day.