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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are You The Customer You'd Want To Have?

EVERY department of localization companies--production, sales, management--should be required to read this article: Are You The Customer You'd Want To Have?

...Entitlement trumps respect, impatience trumps appreciation, rudeness trumps understanding and greed trumps civility. Who has time to be a good customer? Just fix it for me. Just bring it to me. Just do what I say. I’m a very busy man and I haven’t got all day. I am the customer, and you are here to serve me...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stop Attending Localization Conferences!

We have long thought localization conferences were places where people spend time lining up their next job or where localization CEOs try to put together "strategic partnerships" with other companies to create the illusion they are increasing sales.

So we were particularly interested in the wisdom in this article: So Many Conferences, So Little Return : ...Am I actually growing my business, or just satisfying my bottomless need for validation and approval? Am I actually delivering value to others, or just sitting in a corner trying to perfect myself? Am I actually connecting with my peers, or just playing dress up for the wrong audience? Am I actually part of a community, or just feeding into another ballwashing circlejerk of mutual glorification?...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do You Hate Localization?

From our interaction in the industry, we can detect just how many localization production people seem to hate their jobs. The pressures are too great and project managers are rarely hired for their experience any more. Instead, they are always young college students or recent graduates hired for peanuts (or even interns). This leads to client dissatisfaction and sales dissatisfaction with production.

We stumbled across this article today: 10 Secrets to Being a Millionaire. It that has a lot to say about enjoying what you do. If you "hate localization" at the moment, maybe you should read this and see if you are doing everything you should be doing to live the life you want.