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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Localization Trends That Never Arrived: A Few Big Players Will Dominate

Over the years there have been many exuberant predictions of change that would fundamentally alter the localization business. However, most of these dreams of the industry have never come to pass.

Trends that never arrived: An industry leader (a “Microsoft of translation”) will emerge and grow by buying up mid-sized players to dominate the localization marketplace

There still is little in the way of a dominant leader (much less standards) in the industry. While we still see many acquisitions in the business, it seems mainly along the lines of original owners cashing out of the firms they founded by transferring client bases to other companies. These acquisitions also seem to run along the lines of “we are all out of ideas of how to add value and thus gain customers so let’s just buy market share from other companies instead.”

Additionally, it could be that acquiring customers by buying one’s suppliers is a better business strategy long term than by having to compete for them with lower pricing or giving increased levels of service.

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