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Thursday, February 23, 2012

“I love Armenians” to “I love Turkey.”

 Google Explains Translation Glitch
...Concerned internet users this week initiated an online campaign after one activist, Lebanese-Armenian Serouj Baghdassarian, noticed that Google’s online translation service ( was mistakenly translating “Ես սիրում եմ հայերին” (“I love Armenians”) to “I love Turkey.”
 “Google Translate is an automated system. It makes guesses based on patterns gleaned from large bodies of human-translated text. It doesn’t do word-by-word dictionary-style translation,” Jason Freidenfelds, from Google’s global communications and public affairs department, told the Armenian Weekly.
“So sometimes [the service] makes mistakes which seem obvious to a human translator, but aren’t to our machine-learning system,” he added...

Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Be Sure About Asian-language Projects

Completing Asian-language projects can be daunting. Dealing with resources of varying degrees of professionalism can wreck havoc with deadlines and quality.

Added to this is the recent phenomenon of legions of unqualified “linguists” masquerading as professional translators of every language. This makes the search for real talent all the more difficult.

Asian projects can and often will go wrong at every turn. Clients get upset. Company salespeople go ballistic. Project Managers get the brunt of everyone’s frustration and still have to try to sort things out.

For freelance prices, Admerix's native-English speaking project managers, backed by our professional linguists, can complete your challenging projects including Asian characters and scripts as well as layout issues, DTP applications, and audio localization.

Admerix will back you up and solve your production problems. Why not send us some project files for evaluation Admerix offers you the benefit of many years of experience and will provide you with peace of mind on your next project.