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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Your Thai projects are safe with Admerix

This week political protests are paralyzing Thailand's capital city Bangkok with no end in sight.
Thailand remains a key localization market with a language that includes many unique challenges--floating tones, non-standard terminology, layout complexities, and spacing issues. The Thai language has it all... and now it has disruptions to the language supply chain.
Headquartered in stable and transparent Singapore, Admerix is the choice for companies around the world that want to go right to the source for Thai language excellence. Admerix subject specialist teams can handle all parts of your Thai-language projects including medical, legal, technical, and corporate communications.
Turn to us for your next Thai project and Admerix will meet your budget and schedule. Or why not allow us to quote your last Thai-language project for comparison?
Admerix will help you reach your sales goals in 2014.