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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things that will NEVER be on the Admerix localization blog

List of things we will never waste your time with on our blog:

* lists of funny mistranslations

* "fun facts" about language (usually lifted from Wikipedia)

* generic articles about online dictionaries and online translation

* generic articles about UN interpreters, translation in the Euro zone, etc.

* profiles about our employees ("two cats, a dog and likes reading and traveling with her husband Biff")

We can just imagine the lower level employees at localization companies who are assigned to post on their company's localization blogs. They dutifully Google the word "translation" and eventually find irrelevant information that at least can be posted and they can say they have filled the blog for that week.

These employees know nothing about their end client's needs, know nothing about marketing, and are baffled that their higher ups have assigned them to fill a blog with garbage that no one will want to read.

It is strange that so many localization company blogs end up like the ones we have described above. It seems few localization company executives and owners have any opinion on their industry.

It is probably the case that most localization companies do view their businesses as a commodity and middleman business. They are the middleman who mark up work of linguists and pass it to the end client with as little intervention from them as possible.

What could an exec with this opinion say about their industry anyway? Probably that online systems for end clients have to be implemented to reduce the need for their company to interact with customers during the shift of the translation commodity from the linguist to the end client.

In any event, as I am sure you can see, we are trying to give some opinions on the industry and saying something that someone outside of our company might want to respond to (either positively or negatively). Stay tuned...

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