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Monday, April 12, 2010

Admerix Case Study: Starting a localization company - How to provide a full range of services

“(The Admerix solution) made their business model extremely flexible as they did not have to commit to expensive full-time, in-house staff that could not be inexpensively downsized and would remain a fixed cost if business dipped."

The Situation/Problem 1

A new localization company was founded and staffed by localization professionals who had recently left a major localization firm in the U.S.

These new entrepreneurs had left a major high-pressure localization company which was more focused on market share than customer satisfaction and had high employee dissatisfaction and turnover. These industry professionals were confident they could earn a better living and serve clients better by working on their own.

However, the new company principals were operating on thin margins and found it hard to divide their attention between sales and production. They had no resources to maintain an expensive production office in their U.S.-based location, much less hire local production staff and other assets that would allow them to appeal to their best clients.

How Admerix solved the problem

The success or failure of a small startup depends on the ability of the principals to competently wear several hats—CEO, accountant, project manager, sales executive, etc. It is critical that expenditures be minimized and cash flow preserved.

This small startup decided to use Admerix as their production backend while they continued to maintain the client-facing communication. This meant they could focus on their core competencies—sales and client interface—while feeling confident that anything they could sell, Admerix could produce.

This allowed them to expand their client base and related offerings well beyond what they could do if they were attempting to sell, project manage, and then outsource all the language work themselves.

This mean a bigger and more immediate presence in the market, which is the primary task for a new business starting up. It also made their business model extremely flexible as they did not have to commit to expensive full-time, in-house staff that could not be inexpensively downsized and would remain a fixed cost if sales were not as high as hoped.

With our 24/7 presence, Admerix provided a quoting and advice capability for the new company. They sold the projects and Admerix fulfilled them all the while providing consulting and feedback—the key to developing a consultative relationship with an end client.

The Situation/Problem 2

An established and respected Eastern European SLV (single-language vendor) wished to move from a downstream niche player to being able to offer a more complete direct solution for their clients.

The management of this SLV felt it would be more attractive to their corporate clients to be able to provide a multi-language, turnkey solution and all that it entails (single point of communication, minimum of client-side project management, etc) over piecemeal sourcing of projects to a variety of vendors.

How Admerix solved the problem

Admerix developed a range of services and products that allowed the European SLV to confidently offer a complete range of services to its clients.

The SLV could concentrate on its own core language, while Admerix provided the production capability to offer Asian, India, and Arabic languages along with the language-specific DTP (desktop publishing), quality assurance, and technical expertise.


Admerix can serve as a rock-solid resource for companies that want to minimize their direct costs while providing a full range of language services for demanding corporate clients.

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Alex Johnson
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