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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What is your opinion about machine translation?

Many companies in the industry are taking the view that linguists are an unnecessary cost in localization and should be replaced by computer automated translation.

In the overall rush to various "systems" for localization, no one is getting feedback from the linguists themselves.

This week, we started polling our resources on the following questions related to the current issues in the industry:

1. How do you feel about the machine translation (MT) trend?

2. What is your attitude about being asked to edit MT documents?

3. Do you think your language can be successfully machine translated?

4. Of the following, what would be a more attractive arrangement for you with general translation work:
    -  Higher per word rates with long payment terms (60-90+ days)
    -  Lower per word rates with short payment term (less than 7 days)

5. Do you find that fast turnaround work a problem?

6. How do you feel about working in the online automated systems that are becoming so common in the localization industry? Does it make you work easier or more difficult?

7. Do you use a Translation Memory (CAT) tool now? If so, which one is your preference?

7b. Do you have any thoughts on Word fast vs Trados?

8. Let us know any other issues important to you when working with us as a translator.

We will be summing up the attitudes and responses in coming weeks.

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