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Monday, July 5, 2010

Respecting those at the heart of the localization industry

One of the ways that some companies these days have been financing their cash flow is with unreasonable delays in payment to linguists. These linguists have done the work up front in good faith and often then have little or no recourse in the face of broken promises and lack of communication with companies when it comes to time for them to receive their payments. At the same time, linguists are facing a devaluation by companies who have Quixotic notions of machine translation replacing the expense of a professional and competent translator.

A quick look at the Proz Blue Board will show how badly the community of linguists is being treated by even mainstream localization firms.

Respect for our linguists

At Admerix we have always understood and accepted that our most valuable resource are the linguists on our team. No automated system can supplant the knowledge and artistry of these translation professionals. We have forged and maintain great relationships with our resources and are always thankful that they are a part of our team.

Applying our specialized knowledge together

Admerix has combined individuals with specialized subject skills in terminology, glossary, editing and translation to complete many complex and challenging projects over the years. Other companies with automated production systems and novice project managers couldn't hope to complete the corporate grade projects we have been able to fulfill. Putting our collective knowledge together in linguist, technical, and production areas has allowed us to build strong relationships with our clients along with continued work.

Admerix's Preferred Linguist Express program

To show our respect for linguists as well as say thank you to the many with whom we work, Admerix has introduced the Preferred Linguist Express program.

We will remit payment within one week of invoice submission to linguists who meet these simple conditions:

* Be responsive to email queries and requests from Admerix.

* Have 100% on-time record with scheduled and agreed project deadlines.

Resources who do not meet these basic requirements will still receive payment within 30 days of invoice submission as usual although they will not be offered work when a qualifying resource is available.

Such a program may sound odd to the corporate accountants. In times of economic slowdown a common strategy is to squeeze contractors and stretch payment terms to the maximum for the greater good of maintaining cash flow and profits.

However, at Admerix we have always considered that if localization companies can require on-time work with iron-clad deadlines, then linguists can at least expect on-time payment as well.

Admerix is going one better and making payment for our preferred linguists the fastest in the industry.

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